Prepaid Debit Card

Prepaid Debit Card

Oxigen Prepaid card can be instantly activated and managed via Dashboard and App. This is like a debit card and accepted at 100% merchant locations in India, both online and offline. One can also add money into its ‘General’ category and use it for cash withdrawal from ATMs.

OEMS Dashborad


User-friendly and customisable, corporate dashboard gives access to full suite of services of expense management including - managing employee lists, eKYC for cards issuance and activation, real-time funds disbursal, ordering cards and more.


Mobile Application

One can use and manage their card using Oxigen Wallet app and View transaction history, set card PIN, block card – temporarily / permanently & view the balance per section: Food and General, Scan and Upload bills for claims and settlement will also be available, soon.

Benefits For Employee

No Bank Account

Withdraw Cash
from ATMs

Acceptance at 1.1 Million Merchants
Pan India – Online and Offline

Track, manage & control official
expenses on App & separate it
from personal expenses

Add money (reload/self top-up)
to card’s ‘General’ category

Submit Bills on the go
via App

Card reissuance not required,
use the same card for receiving
funds from new employer

Free Insurance
1 Lakh*