Corporate Expense Management Solution

User-friendly and customisable, corporate dashboard gives access to full suite of services of expense management including - managing employee lists, eKYC for cards issuance and activation, real-time funds disbursal, ordering cards and more. Oxigen prepaid card can be instantly activated & managed via dashboard and app.

This is like a debit card and accepted at 100% merchant locations in India, both online and offline. One can also add money into its ‘General’ category and use it for cash withdrawal from ATMs.

Expense Management Solution

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Benefits For Employee

No Bank Account

Withdraw Cash
from ATMs

Acceptance at 1.1 Million Merchants
Pan India – Online and Offline

Track, manage & control official
expenses on App & separate it
from personal expenses

Add money (reload/self top-up)
to card’s ‘General’ category

Card reissuance not required,
use the same card for receiving
funds from new employer