Aadhaar Pay

The best way to take payments from your customers. A customer needs his Aadhaar number and his presence at the counter. The Micro-ATM comes with a biometric scanner which enables the authentication. If a customer wants to make payment, then he/she just needs to enter his/her Aadhaar Number in the Micro ATM, scan his/her finger on biometric scanner attached to MicroATM and select the bank from which the payment is to be made. Upon entering the Aadhar Number, the system would automatically fetch the bank account linked with the customer’s Aadhaar number and debit the bank account just like debit card or Bharat QR code.

A receipt is printed for each transaction. Just like debit card receipt, Aadhaar number is masked on the receipt with only few digits shown in receipt with balance masked by printing a * for masked digits. Currently the government is incentivizing this category.

Aadhar Pay