Oxigen ATM Cash FAQ's

What is Oxigen ATM Cash Service?

With this service, Oxigen Micro ATM ROs (BC Agents) can withdraw Cash for their customers using their Debit/ATM/Prepaid cards

What is the minimum & maximum Transaction limit?

The minimum transaction limit is Rs.500 & maximum is Rs. 10,000 per card per transaction. This is subject to change as per regulatory requirement from time to time.

Are there any transaction charges?

Free transactions as per your Bank’s ATM limits

Who can use this service?

Only Oxigen Micro ATM ROs (BC Agents)

Is there any additional charge to activate & use this service?

No, this is free for existing Oxigen Micro ATM ROs (BC Agents)

How to start Using this service?

First user needs to update their Micro ATM app & then update the Card Pay app to start using this service