Fast and Reliable Electronic Payment Mediums

Oxigen’s Micro ATM provides the multiple payment solution for retail store, to manage payments including debit/credit card. The Micro ATM offers a variety so you can find just what you need.

  • VISA
  • Bharat QR
  • BHIM
  • UPI

Debit/Credit Card

It is easy to process swiped debit/credit cards for all retail transactions through Oxigen’s Micro ATM or through a retailer app and web platform. Be it a Chip & Pin, Magnetic Swipe or NFC (Near Field Communication)* Oxigen Micro ATM offers an end-to-end solution that is efficient and reliable.

Oxigen Debit Credit Card
Bharat QR Code

Bharat QR Code

It is an alternative payment accepting mode for retailers by scanning the Quick Response (QR) code without the need of physical card or enter the bank account details.

With an enhanced version of the Bharat QR code, the merchant enters the payment amount in Micro ATM and the display shows a unique Bharat QR code which includes the amount of payment. The customer simply needs to scan this QR code from their smart phone and use his MPIN/Password/Touch-ID as defined by their bank to authorize these payments.

Why prefer Bharat QR Code?

Alternative Payment Solution

An alternative Payment Solution Easy for customers to make payment without having a physical debit or credit cards.

Fast and Secure Transaction

Fast and Secure Transaction It is fast and secure way of accepting payments of transactions with instant notification.

Accept Payment 24x7

Accept Payment 24x7 Accept payment for Visa/MasterCard/RuPay Debit/Credit cards anytime through POS or Retail App.

BHIM Aadhaar Pay

BHIM Aadhaar Pay

BHIM-Aadhaar Oxigen’s Micro ATM empowers merchants/retailer/small traders to collect payment from customers utilizing the biometrics of a person in order to authorize the transaction. The Oxigen’s Micro ATM used with a biometric scanned enables transaction in a fast and hassle-free way.

Why BHIM Aadhaar Pay?

Use It Like A Debit Card

Customer can pay using Aadhaar number, the system fetches the bank account linked to his Aadhaar and debit the bank account similar like a debit card or Bharat QR Code.

Secure Payment Mode

A secure way of accepting payments for transactions that provides instant notification and a printed receipt for each transaction.

Incentive Schemes for Merchants

Government is providing incentive schemes for merchants accepting payment through Aadhaar

Oxigen UPI


As similar like Bharat QR, merchants can use this to directly receive payment from the customer without the need to enter the bank details or debit/credit cards. All that the customer needs is his bank mobile app with just a click payment is made.

Why prefer UPI?

Smart Transaction Platform

Get payment of transaction from customer without taking debit/credit card details. More than 50 million customers using UPI service.

Fast and Secure Transaction

Accept payment anytime through POS with no risk of losing customer virtual address like cards.

Low Cost Payment Medium

A low cost method as compared to other modes of fund transfer.