Oxigen ATM Cash

Indians across the country living in urban India face issues at Bank’s ATM points, such as limited ATMs availability, ATM’s running out of cash or long ques outside ATMs. While the people living in rural India, do not even have access to Bank ATMs.

Oxigen has found a solution to these problems, and has launched its ATM CASH Service on the MiroATM. Now, the people of India & customers visiting any Oxigen Micro ATM Outlets (BC Agents) can withdraw cash up to Rs.10,000* using their Debit/ATM/Prepaid cards, be it Rupay, Mastercard, Visa or Maestro. Oxigen MicroATM Points offering the ATM Cash service are widely available, both in Rural & Urban India

Oxigen ATM Cash


Retailer Consumer

New Service & Customer Base

Instant Commissions

No TA Required

All Banks & Cards supported

Your shop becomes an ATM Counter

* This limit is subject to change as per regulatory requirement from time to time.