Oxigen Retail Outlets

As we can’t imagine life without cell phones anymore, making sure they don’t run out of call value becomes our priority. With most of the new mobile customers going the ’pre-paid’ way, Prepaid Mobile Recharge dispensing business is surely becoming one of the most profitable retail businesses. Besides the recharge service, we have introduced the Oxigen Money Transfer service, which has become the most sought after service.

Oxigen Retail Outlets

Retail Outlet Benefits

Become a one-stop shop - Single electronic terminal dispenser for all types of pre-paid mobile cards and many other services.

Instant online recharge for many services like telecom, broadband, entertainment, TV/DTH, ticketing for Railways/Bus/airlines and more, with provision for batch download & storage in the terminal.

Reports available at all times on the terminal and on our retailer's website.

Dedicated retailer customer support is just one phone call away.

Single terminal for all services = 100% business, 0% customer loss … non-stop profits.

Retail Outlet can order and receive airtime and other products instantly.

Visibility materials provided at regular intervals to attract customer footfall.

No minimum order quantity to be maintained and no delivery hassles.

No blockage of investment in higher denomination PINs.

Easy on Retail Outlet’s cash flow.

Highly profitable business with no shelf space requirement.

Full transaction records available on terminal anytime.

No minimum trading balance to be maintained.

Never run out of required denomination for recharges, never lose a customer.

No risk of loss due to theft, physical damage to recharge coupons or calculation errors.

Online training portal access.

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