Point of Sale Terminals (POS)

Oxigen's POS terminal comes loaded with our proprietary software that enables any Retailer to perform transactions-both online as well as offline. We believed that retailers on the POS will benefit greatly in times to come, with add on services and elements like biometrics etc, making it one of the enviable modes of connectivity. A large number of services can ride on the same PoS. It requires minimal space in a shop and has the least cost of operation.

We have come a long way with the point of sale terminals. Earlier, we used to outsource our PoS terminals (from 2004 to 2010) In 2010, with advancing technology & the incoming of GPRS, Oxigen innovated & made a GPRS modem that could be attached externally to any of the above POS machines to make them GPRS capable. In 2011 the market accepted this POS with open arms and were excited with its speed, performance etc. We received feedback from rural areas that the gprs connectivity at times was not consistent indoors. This is when we realized that we need to develop our own POS terminal which can address the needs of the retailer & the market demands. With advancing technology and the incoming of GPRS, Oxigen innovated and made a GPRS modem that could be attached externally to any of the above POS machines to make them GPRS capable Since we have started making our own POS machines, we have paved the way for POS acceptance in Urban & Rural India for digitization of payments.

Journey of Oxigen’s POS

Oxigen POS terminal 2018


Oxigen MicroATM POS had newer features of BBPS, Merchant Payments, Card Acceptance, Aadhaar Pay in addition to the above services.

Oxigen POS terminal 2018


Launch of Oxigen MicroATM in Rural India with AEPS, Aadhaar, Mobile Recharges, Bill Payments, DTH Recharges, Money Transfers and Mobile Wallet Top-ups.

Oxigen POS terminal 2016


Oxigen MicroATM POS was designed and the software was integerated with IMPS, Adhaar, UIDAI & with a biometric.

Oxigen POS terminal 2013


2013 - OxiSmart + POS, Oxigen integrated with NPCI and IMPS, enabling us to connect with banks. We converted our PoS devices into Oxigen Money Transfer machines. (Retailers could now service the high demand for money transfer and it was now possible to send money instantly, anytime anywhere)

Oxigen POS terminal 2012


2012 - OxiShaan (which looked like a landline phone & had all the features of OxiSmart plus added extended antennae on a long wire that could be taken outside for best connectivity. It was used for calling purpose and also supported SMS communication)

Oxigen POS terminal 2011


2011 - OxiSmart POS (worked like PC with PC1000 software, inbuilt GPRS, battery back-up and integrated printer)

Oxigen POS terminal 2006


2006 - Nurit 8350

Oxigen POS terminal 2004


2004 - Nurit 2085