Oxigen's SALAM to the Brave Hearts

Oxigen Services provides a helping hand to 2 stoic differently-abled men as they seek to break the Limca book of records for 6000km journey

Oxigen Salam to Brave hearts

Oxigen Services is the proud sponsor of an event being led by 2 brave heart gentlemen, both differently abled, seeking to break the Limca Book of Records of a 6000km car journey in the least possible time. The journey was flagged off on 22th November by Oxigen 's Group President, Mr. Rajpal Singh Duggal. The journey started from St. Stephan 's Methodist Church, Tis Hazari Delhi, by the duo-Eric Paul and Sonu Gupta. Eric is spearheading the event and will be in-charge of the steering wheel.

The journey will encompass cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and back to Delhi. The duo aims to break the earlier record of a 6000km car trip that was accomplished in 8 days.

Oxigen Salam to Brave hearts

Oxigen Salam to Brave hearts

Oxigen has always associated itself with initiatives and events that support/benefit those that are less privileged. Earlier this year Oxigen had sponsored the International Cricket tournament of the disabled between India and Sri Lanka.

Oxigen has a well-integrated CSR that gives opportunity to rural youth opportunity to earn, blind individuals are provided support to start their own business and become an Oxigen Retailer, support to Muskaan, an organization that supports differently abled children and more. With this association Oxigen continues to give fuel to the spirit of people who wants to achieve in life but are restricted by their physical incapacity or lack of proper platform and support.