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Oxigen Money Transfer

Oxigen has tied up with National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI) to enable Money Transfer Service through Oxigen mobile wallet, Oxigen Wallet, which is India's First Non Bank wallet (approved by RBI), to make Instant money transfers to any bank. Send/receive funds through the Oxigen Wallet to/from any bank, anytime, anywhere, 24*7!

This is a boon to the unbanked masses of India, making money transfer instant and on real time using IMPS and is connected to 100+ Banks. This Service is available online, through Mobile app as well as through a simple SMS.

Through NEFT 170+ banks are connected to Oxigen platform for money transfer.

Oxigen Money Transfer features include money transfer from Wallet to bank (any) using MMID, Wallet to bank (any) using IFSC & bank account number, Wallet to Wallet money transfer and any bank to Wallet money transfer.

India's population who has till now been unable to avail mainstream financial services due to stringent bank account opening and Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation procedure can now transfer and receive funds from Oxigen Mobile Wallet to any bank account,any bank account to Oxigen Mobile Wallet as well as Wallet to Wallet Money transfer.

Now any one, be it a migrant worker or a college student away from home, can send and receive money in a jiffy. So far no wallet in the world has been able to provide these 360 degree solutions.

Taking its services further for wider reach, Oxigen has already crossed the Indian Boundary to reach out to Non Resident Indians and Migrant Indian Workers worldwide.

An Oxigen Wallet holder can use IFSC and bank A/C number to transfer money to more than 100 Banks; users can also send money to almost 100 banks using registered number and MMID. To know more click here
The universal MMID(7 digit) for Oxigen Wallet is 88 88 88 8.

Benefits for Retailer

This service allows the retailer to be Remittance point for almost 100 banks through IMPS and 170+ banks using NEFT. The retailers are able to send the funds instantly (except for NEFT) and 24*7. Oxigen Money Transfer services is instantaneous whether it is a working day, weekend or public holiday (except for NEFT)!

Earnings for Retailers

The retailer earns on the fly as he transfers funds! So no more waiting for the month end for the commission!

Benefits for Customers

Oxigen Wallet gives the user a secure platform to send and receive funds. Now to deposit cash in any bank account, you can do it directly through Oxigen Retailer or Oxigen Wallet 24x7x365 without visiting the bank.

How to Register as an Oxigen Money Transfer Agent?

  • Retailer has to download Retailer Enrolment form from the link : Please click Here
  • Retailer can send scanned copy of the filled form along with required KYC document to cc@myoxigen.com to confirm if the form is correctly filled up.
  • Retailer needs to fill and send Retailer Enrolment form along with required KYC Documents to

    Oxigen Services India Pvt Ltd ,
    Building No. 77-B, Sector 17/18 Dividing Road,
    Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana, India, Pin Code -122015

  • Retailer can further find the status of their request by sending queries to cc@myoxigen.com .
  • Retailer after registration can do transaction by logging into https://oxigenwallet.oximall.com/

Creation of an Oxigen Mobile wallet

  • A wallet can be created by logging onto www.oxigenwallet.com or sending the following text
    Oxigen *Agree*DOB (DDMMYY)*Name to 9870 888 888/ 9971 888 888
  • An Oxigen Mobile wallet can also be created at any of our retail outlets.

Loading your Oxigen Mobile wallet
A wallet can be topped up using the following options:

  • Any Oxigen Retail Outlet
  • Net Banking (select IMPS )
  • Mobile banking
  • For IMPS, wallet number is to be used as the registered number and the universal MMID for all Oxigen Wallet is 8888888

Transfer funds to Bank Account/another Oxigen wallet

Funds can be transferred using:

SMS Syntaxes are as follows:
You can transfer money to your friends and family by sending any of these simple sms:

  • If you know the account number of the beneficiary , please type:
    Example: IMPS*006690600000280*ICIC0002378*100*123456*Brother
  • If you want to send money to the beneficiary using his mobile number and Mobile Money ID (MMID) issued by bank, associated with the bank account, please type:
    Example: IMPS*8800255793*1232356*1000*123456*Oxigen
  • Money Transfer/Remittance to any Oxigen Wallet using IMPS:
    Example: IMPS*9990991234*8888888*150*123456*WalletTransfer
    (Oxigen wallets MMID is 88 88 88 8)

Do and Don'ts

Contact Us

  • For any further queries, Save WhatsApp no. for customer service.
    SBI Kiosk Banking – 8929270373
    Micro ATM/Gift Cards – 8929270374
    Recharge/Bill Payment – 8929270375
    Travel – 8929270376
    OMTS – 8929270377
    IOCL – 8929270378
  • Email: cc@myoxigen.com
  • for details, visit myoxigen contact us

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