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Oxigen Donation

Donation Through retail

There are many NGO’s/ Trusts/Temples in the country which require support from all citizens to help them to continue their charitable work for society. As our channel partner you have an opportunity to mobilize support to these NGO. Through your co-operation you will be help humanity in very positive way.
Any person in India can make donations for small sum (as low as ₹10) for any charitable cause to an NGO or a religious trusts such as Temples, just by walking to the nearest Oxigen Retail Outlet. Oxigen retailer can offer a list of NGOs/Trusts/Temples who are registered with Oxigen for this activity to their customers to donate. We have initially identified 6 prominent charitable institutions for whom we are looking for mobilizing the small donation–:

  • Narayan Seva Sansthan
  • Saksham
  • Smile Foundation
  • Kalyankari Sarvdharm Seva Sansthan
  • Save the Children
  • CRY – Child Rights & You

Donor will receive SMS confirmation from the charity that they donate to and the Oxigen retailer will give them the transaction receipt which will authenticate the transactions.

Please visit to find the nearest Oxigen retailer.

What is termed as Donation?

The amount which a donor gives to Religious Trust or an NGO, voluntarily, will be termed as donation.

How does a retailer benefit from using Donation service?

  • Free Signup – There are no extra charges to sign up for this service
  • New Revenue Stream – Retailers can grow their business and attract new customers via this new service Donations at retail. There will be a service charge levied per transaction which translates into earning for the retailer
  • The retailer becomes a part of a Noble Cause

What are the documents required to avail this service?

No documents are required to avail this service, any retailer who uses Oxigen’s web connect (Web retailer) can start this service

Is there any min. or max. limit on amount for donation?

At present maximum amount one can donate is Rs.499/- For donation above Rs.500, the donor will be given a tax rebate certificate (80G). This feature would be added soon.

The limit is defined by Oxigen wallet* as under:

  • A Donor with Non KYC wallet can donate upto Rs.20,000 per month
  • A Donor with Full KYC can donate upto Rs.1,00,000 per month
  • The minimum amount to be donated is Rs.10

Note * Donor must have an Oxigen Wallet for this transaction, if any donor does not have an Oxigen Wallet then the Oxigen retailer will create a new wallet for the donor to complete the transaction

Are there any additional charges for customer?

No there are no additional charges for the Donor.


  • Easy accessibility to donate to an NGOs/Trusts/Temples of their choice
  • There are no convenience fees to make donations – hence no extra charge to the donor

How can customers donate to NGO or Trust of their choice?

1. Donor have to visit to an Oxigen (Web enabled) Retail outlet to make donations

2. Donor can choose from a list of Institutions available, currently there are 6 Institutions available–:

  • Narayan Seva Sanstha
  • Saksham
  • Smile Foundation
  • Kalyankari Sarvdharm Seva Sansthan
  • Save the Children
  • CRY – Child Rights & You

How can a donor claim Tax rebate under 80G?

If the donation amount is more the Rs.500 then the NGO will directly contact the donor to give them the 80G tax rebate receipt. Or donor can contact the NGO on their mail id mentioned on the Oxigen receipt given by retailer with the transaction ID, name and date of transaction to get the 80G receipt.
Currently we are launching with a maximum amount of Rs.499 as donation for which 80G will not be provided.

How a donor can locate an Oxigen web outlet near to his place?

Donor can go to the below link to locate the Oxigen (Web enabled) outlet near to them